Culture and Value

--- Mark English ---

Cultural traditions of various kinds shape us as individuals. Taking a personal approach, but with historical and global factors also in mind, Mark English discusses a range of topics based around the general theme of culture. Topics include: personal values; traditions and cultural change; language and languages; global trends; the rise of China.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. The Curious Persistence of Cold War Thinking

    Great powers in decline are often more dangerous than rising powers. The leaders of such countries (today's United States?) may be tempted to take drastic action in an attempt to stem perceived decline and restore the status quo ante or simply to distract from domestic problems. Mark English argues that, ...


  2. Chinese General's Daughter

    Mark English recounts some details of the life, character, beliefs and attitudes of a remarkable woman. Her father was a Chinese general and a colleague of Mao Zedong. As a very small child -- during the chaos of the Cultural Revolution -- she was sent to the countryside for a ...


  3. Culture and Value: Introductory Episode

    Mark English introduces himself and explains what he has in mind for the podcast. The general idea is to explore personal values, relating them to the broader social and cultural context. Language will be one focus, but we will also be looking at many other aspects of culture and at ...