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Everyday Philosophers is a podcast where philosopher Robert Gressis interview philosophers who are not famous (either to the public, or among philosophers, or online) to get a sense of what it's like to be a working philosopher.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. What's Money, Eh? (w/ David Dick and Robert Gressis)

    David Dick (of the University of Calgary) and Robert Gressis talk about the differences between American and Canadian universities (as usual, the Canadians use funny words); what it's like to teach in a business school (David often has to sprinkle ethics on papers); David's research in the philosophy of money ...


  2. Foreign Policy, Authoritarianism, and Teaching at the US Naval War College (w/ Yvonne Chiu)

    In this episode of Everyday Philosophers, Robert Gressis (California State University, Northridge) interviews Yvonne Chui (US Naval War College) about what it's like to teach at a military institution (no, you can't make your students do push-ups) and her research on the unsustainability of soft authoritarianism. 0:03:29 The US Naval War ...


  3. Philosophy, Critical Thinking, and Teaching Community College (w/ Alberto Mendoza and Rob Gressis)

    Rob Gressis (professor of philosophy at California State University, Northridge) talks with Alberto Mendoza-Larreynaga (adjunct professor of philosophy at Antelope Valley College) about what it's like to teach philosophy in a community college, as well as writing an ever-changing textbook addressed to community college students. 01:59​ The students at Antelope Valley ...


  4. Teaching at a Catholic college and Working on the Atonement (w/ Chris Dodsworth and Robert Gressis)

    In this episode, Robert chats with Chris Dodsworth (Professor, Spring Hill College) about what it's like to teach at a Catholic college (spoiler: it's good!) and on the doctrine of the Atonement. We focus in particular on why Christians care about the Atonement, why the doctrine is baffling, how to ...