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Kevin Currie-Knight talks to a wide ranging group of interesting people about all things to do with school, learning, and how humans think.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. What's Wrong with Normal? (w/ Jonathan Mooney)

    This episode's guest is not normal... and that is a GREAT thing. Jonathan Mooney is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, and activist within the disability rights community. Before all that, he was a kid struggling in school with various diagnosed disabilities, told that he just wasn't normal. Today we talk about ...


  2. Why Do Teachers Quit? (w/ Doris Santoro)

    In this episode, I talk with Education Professor Doris Santoro about why teachers leave the profession. She distinguishes between teacher burnout and teacher demoralization and argues that, if we want to counteract the persisting and large teacher attrition problems, we need to treat these as different sets of reasons. We ...


  3. What Do Racial Disparities in Schools Have to Do with Government Housing Policy? (w/ Richard Rothstein)

    On this episode, I talk with Richard Rothstein (Economic Policy Institute) about his book Color of Law: The Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America. While the book is not about education, Rothstein’s research is an outgrowth of prior research on racial disparities in education. In the book, Rothstein ...


  4. How Does the Other Half Learn (in Charter Schools)? (w/ Robert Pondiscio)

    On this episode, Robert Pondiscio (Fordham Institute, author of How the Other Half Learns) discusses his experience writing about the Harlem Success Academy Charter School in the South Bronx. He spent a year immersed in this school and came away with some interesting insights - both praise and concern - ...


  5. How Does Interest Work? (w/ Psychologist Ann Renninger)

    In this episode, I talk with teacher-turned-psychologist K. Ann Renninger to talk about the psychology of human interest. How do learners (and people in general) become interested in something? Is interest 'hardwired' and hard to change, or can teachers influence what learners are interested in? How can teachers make subjects ...