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Kevin Currie-Knight talks to a wide ranging group of interesting people about all things to do with school, learning, and how humans think.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Critical Race Theory, Racialization, and Schools (w/ Ben Blaisdell and Kevin Currie-Knight)

    In this episode, Ben Blaisdell (East Carolina University, Kevin's department-mate) talks about critical race theory (CRT) and its applicability to k-12 education. Ben's research and work in schools relies heavily on critical race frameworks, and at a time where people are so polarized about CRT, Ben explains what it is, ...


  2. Ungrading in Schools (w/ Susan Blum and Kevin Currie-Knight)

    In this conversation, I talk with higher education anthropologist Susan Blum (Notre Dame) about her work on how students experience higher education. We also talk about an essay collection she recently edited called Ungrading: Why Rating Students Undermines Learning (and What To Do Instead). 0:58 - How Students Navigate and Experience ...


  3. Critical Race Theory and Antiracism Trainings in K12 Education (w/ Samantha Hedges)

    Kevin talks with Samantha Hedges (Heterodox Academy, Substack) about recent articles she has written criticizing critical-race-influenced approaches to diversity and equity training in schools. They talk about why Samantha believes that these trainings inadvertently stoke racial division as well as the possibility of an alternative "common humanity" approach to these ...


  4. Academic Freedom in a Social Media Age (w/ David Labaree)

    Kevin Currie-Knight (East Carolina University) and David Labaree (Professor Emeritus, Stanford University) talk about the history and meaning of academic freedom. They talk about whether there has ever been a “golden age” where academics were safe to be heterodox (no), and what academic freedom means in an age of social ...


  5. What is the Grade Economy and What's Wrong With It (w/ Robert Gressis)

    Robert Gressis (California State Northridge) and Kevin Currie-Knight (East Carolina University) hae a wide-ranging conversation about the (fraught?) relationship between schooling, learning, and A-F grading. The discussion centers around an essay Currie-Knight wrote called Against the Grade Economy: ...