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Latest Episodes…

  1. The Complex Relation Between Wanting and Doing (w/ Crispin Sartwell and Dan Kaufman)

    In this episode, Dan talk with Crispin Sartwell of Dickinson College about Dan's essay, "Wanting and Doing." We discuss action, desire, and powerlessness as understood in Christian theology and contemporary addiction discourse.(Here's the article under discussion: 4:04 Wanting and doing in Christian and Addiction Discourse.36:54 Overeating and the Problem ...


  2. Material Girls: Why Reality Matters for Feminism (w/ Kathleen Stock and Dan Kaufman)

    Dan Kaufman and Kathleen Stock (Sussex) discuss Kathleen's new book, "Material Girls: Why Reality Matters for Feminism." Among other things, we talk the implications of switching our focus from Sex to Gender Identity, why Sex remains essential, and the impact of gender identity politics on the gay and lesbian community.  4:02 ...


  3. Kafkatraps, Cults, and Conspiracies (w/ Robert Gressis and Kevin Currie-Knight)

    Robert Gressis (Cal State Northridge) and Kevin Currie-Knight (East Carolina University) talk about Kafkatraps. Kafkatrapping is a rhetorical technique where an objection to a particular charge will be used as evidence of that charge. (Are you a communist? If you say no, that just shows how sneaky a communist you ...


  4. The History and Uses of the Devil (w/ Stephen Davies and Kevin Currie-Knight)

    Stephen Davies (Institute of Economic Affairs) chats with Kevin about Stephen's new book A Street-wise Guide to the Devil. They talk about the (monotheistic) history of the Devil, why the Devil keeps hanging around, "his" role in contemporary moral panics, and more. 6:13 - Why/How the Devil Had to Come About ...


  5. Immigration and Freedom (w/ Chandran Kukathas and Kevin Currie-Knight)

    Kevin talks with Chandran Kukathas (Singapore Management University) about his new book Immigration and Freedom, as well as his pluralistic approach to political philosophy. In the book, Kukathas argues that immigration restrictions not only problematically restrict the freedom of immigrants but also of citizens, and that many gains that immigration ...