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Latest Episodes…

  1. MTV Turns 40?! (w/ Jay Jeffers and Daniel Kaufman)

    Jay Jeffers (The Partially Examined Life) and Dan Kaufman discuss the beginnings of MTV and their recollections of it, on this 40th anniversary of the music channel. 3:40 - Aug 1 marks the 40th Anniversary of the launching of MTV in its “original iteration.” 6:20 - How Jay and Dan ...


  2. The Marx Brothers and American Comedy (w/ E. John Winner)

    E. John Winner and Dan Kaufman (Electric Agora) talk about the Marx Brothers and their relationship to American Comedy. 1:30 Vaudeville, Burlesque, and Musical Theater 11:20 The Jewish Marx Brothers and “Playing in Peoria” 22:00 Writing for the Marx Brothers / Relationship with George Kaufman 27:40 Becoming the Marx Brothers 34:00 Marxian Themes 55:30 The Marx ...


  3. The Cultural Significance of (Baby and Other) Food (w/ Amy Bentley an Kevin Currie-Knight)

    In this episode, Amy Bentley (food historian, NYU) talks about the cultural and historical reasons we eat as we do. Amy and Kevin talk about why w eat three meals a day, how COVID might disrupt our eating habits, and the five historical factors that made baby food possible in ...


  4. The Ethics of Compulsory State Education (w/ Crispin Sartwell and Dan Kaufman)

    Crispin Sartwell (Dickinson College, Entanglements) returns to Sophia to talk about the issues he has with compulsory, state-sponsored k-12 education. 10:50 - Crispin’s schooling experience in Washington DC 20:20 - The tension between learning and compulsion / Formal Compulsion and oppressive atmospheres 25:50 - Compulsion of minors considered more ...


  5. African Philosophy and Doing Philosophy from a Place (w/ Bruce Janz and Kevin Currie-Knight)

    In this discussion, Bruce Janz (Central Florida) talks about his interest in African philosophy, and the importance of recognizing that all philosophy is affected by, and done from, a "place." We talk about what that means for how African philosophy can differ from philosophy in "the West" and ...